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Once only the domain of larger corporations and firms, CDN Law Firm now offers the same level of technical expertise and resources to mid-market medium sizes companies that were once only accessible through larger organizations.

CDN Law Firm years of experience in the mergers and acquisitions market gives a wealth of knowledge to our clients, even up to dealing with senior acquirers. This sets us apart from other firms offering similar services.



CDN Law Firm value above everything else, client confidentiality, we strive to keep this high level of confidential service throughout the duration of any lengthy process.



CDN Law Firm will demonstrate just how much your company is worth using our highly successful tried and tested “success based” method. This is based on not just business sales but also in assistance to present your company appropriately, highlighting the company’s operating prowess and the finances.



Our experience in the middle market is beyond compare, the extensive practice and knowledge that we have here aids in all aspects of providing objective, expert opinion together with a detailed true business valuation and transaction structure.



Having an intricate network of affiliate companies and professionals with wide ranging research capacity is one of CDN Law Firm great strengths. This wide ranging pool of expertise gives us the capacity to act fast and targeted summaries of fitting clients including strategic acquirers, financial purchasers, and private equity companies.

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If you wish to discuss the provision of legal services, please do not include any confidential information in your communications with us until you have discussed doing so with one of our lawyers.