CDN Law Firm Compensation FAQ’s

Firstly to be actually considered for compensation, your case must fall into the parameters and guidelines set by the United States guidelines. These guidelines take everything fully into consideration if a claim is eligible and how much is allowed to be paid. The actual type of compensation you can claim for can be affected by the different variations of claims.

Regarding to payment, firstly the type of compensation must be clarified. Once identified then we can discuss possible cost implications for you in our services. Most occasions the company pays the claimant’s compensation.

In reality there is no cut off period in making a claim, but some dates may affect your ability. There are some claims that do have legal date cut-offs and obviously in cases like this then there are time limitations. If we are aware of any issues like time bars, we will issue you with a warning.

Default simply means “in default”. When this happens this will most likely lead to a business ceasing trading and having no assets to meet claims, and is on the brink of bankruptcy. We will fully appraise the situation and establish if this is the fact.

How long is a piece of string? There are many variables as there are so many different types of cases. One of the biggest drawback in terms of time is trying to get information from third parties that you have no control over. These factors are out of CDN Law Firm’s control, but we do at the outset try to set realistic time evaluations and inform you.

This is a similar situation to that of the above, a claim depends on numerous factors, the information that needs gathering, research and third party interactivity. Plus all documentation must be completed exactly to industry guidelines, it needs to also be filed as required and to meet good standing order requirements. When all this has been done then we can start the processing procedure, and in normal circumstances this will be done in five working days. If you are struggling financially then we will do our best to expedite matters as soon as possible.

If you are struggling financially, you must inform us at the outset, we will do our best to prioritise your case.

Financial lost must have occurred when filing for compensation because of previous dealings with an authorized or for that matter unauthorized financial services company. When filing for your claim, we consider the financial situation you would be in had you not invested.

For use as a guideline only and for the purpose of deposit and investment claims, smaller firms are covered and secure. Providing the company meets the following two standards. (set out in section 247 of the Companies Act of 1985 or section 382 of the Companies Act of 2006 as applicable)

A company turnover not exceeding £6.5 million, no more than £3.26 million on the balance sheet and a total number of employees of not more than 50.

For insurance claims, again smaller companies are protected. A small firm under COMP regulations receives a turnover of less than £1m annually. This is whether the entity is a one man band, a small business, the same conditions apply.

A simple question to answer, No. Provided the work is authorized by the U.S regulative bodies and adheres under our regulations.

CDN Law Firm are a fund of last resort, therefore we can only look at issues if they cannot be paid by anybody else. However, we will probably not be able to help claimants if the firm is not trading anymore, but still holds assets that could meet your claim. In this instance you need to take up the issue with the company you dealt with. We can help in assistance trying to locate this company if you are having difficulty finding them.

Really in this instance you need to contact Citizens Advice Bureau and argue your case for assistance.