CDN Law Firm Services

No matter what aspects of financial aid you need then CDN Law Firm can act on your behalf, accounting matters and taxation issues, valuations to business consulting, no matter what we devote ourselves to bring the ultimate rewards to you company’s finances. We will give you valued support in helping grow your profits and will engage plans to give you a long lasting and healthy concern.

By having an independent audit you send out messages to the market that breeds confidence. We will provide the resources, knowledge and capability to ensure our Engagement team as they relay the necessary information to our associates to our wide client base.

We offer these tax consultations to give our clients and full and independent view that will reflect the needs of your company and your objectives. This can be in all sorts of scenarios including the tax implications of cross-border acquisitions or by improving and leading in the implementation of a global transfer pricing strategy. CDN Law Firm work hard in tandem with our clients to give them proper tax compliance and look after any tax risks they may not have been apparent, doing all this simultaneously whilst controlling costs.

Accounting and Tax Services

Our main success in delivering all our tax advice is to sit down and talk with our clients. We can help to give an insight into our past experiences, look at today’s scenario, see how the markets are fluctuating and which directions you’re going, we will chat about your goals and objectives for the now and future, and what best fits your business. We can evaluate our discussions and set out all the options, study them and lay down plans to move forward.

When it comes to all issues concerned with accounting, tax and financial consultancy, CDN Law Firm know the key elements, we will structure our work around the discussions we have. As your number one consultancy resource and adviser we can guide you through the changing economic climates and adapt the plans and strategies to reflect your changing needs and aims, we will continuously do this as an ongoing service.

This reason is why we are so keen to broadcast the previous statement that CDN Law Firms number one priority is to sit down and discuss.

We are here to help, to help to achieve the goals and targets that you deem important. Contact us today and you can do some talking whilst we will earnestly listen.

Mergers and Acquisitions Services

CDN Law Firm is a top investment banking firm that represents the owners of the superior middle-market ($15-250 million reserves) companies who want to proceed into the sale or perhaps merger of their business.

What We Do

CDN Law Firm Mergers and Acquisitions Group focus exclusively on representing good middle range superior businesses who are aiming to elevate their company to the next level by selling or merging with a larger organization. This is done on the basis that the bigger company can give better support and help growth by adding extra resource, either financially or by other ways.

How We Work

CDN Law Firm’s Mergers and Acquisition Group give a no-cost valuation estimate to potential clients BEFORE we get involved, that has no strings attached or obligation involved. After our initial work and an evaluation then we will suggest options and discuss possible ways forward.

The main point of all this is that we act first and fore-mostly as advisers and colleagues, we get actively involved in all the parts and factors of the transaction. This practical approach that we utilize, will involve an in depth evaluation and assessment to potential purchasers, this reduces client time, freeing them to engage in more valuable things. We have the knowledge and skill to aid our clients to avoid any of the pitfalls before they become major problems, and then to act swiftly and steadfastly should this happen.

This method that we instill has given CDN Law Firm exceptional success rates in all sorts of industries, including food and beverage, building products and services, automotive products, chemicals, and equipment hire and leasing, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution and all nature of business services. We are experts in the middle-market sector and our knowledge and actions reflect this to bring positive results.

Our Commitment

CDN Law Firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group pride themselves to offer the best possible service, in tandem with keeping the client’s integrity at all times. We fully understand the difficulties that can arise from a merger or an acquisition of a company, it will have a major and long lasting effect on personal lives as well as business. Our first priority in this respect is to hold discussions with our clients and thoroughly evaluate their business. From these discussions we understand their shareholders, corporate goals, industry dynamics, financial markets and full valuation.

How We Add Value

The Mergers and Acquisitions Group always give added value to any such transaction by bringing our client’s objectives consistently into consideration when trying to structure a deal, negotiating it, and the eventual close. By always holding a confidential and careful practice to our negotiations it will considerably affect the market value.

Our Reputation

Our Mergers and Acquisitions Group team are actually investment bankers and not business brokers. We regularly refuse assignments to take on just a select group of clients. We get positive results to the point of 95% of our revenues come from successful and closed deals we have been involved in.
Because of this a big proportion of our work is by referral by contented former clients.

Strategic Management Services

The route to success normally involves two general components, which are the plan and the implementation of that plan. These two components are a corner stone of our critical management.

Strategic planning can be the one difference from having a successful business rather than just existing in the trade. You have to be fully prepared to develop and be flexible, respond to market moves and changing environments to consistently meet your targets.

CDN Law Firm fully understand to follow a precise strategic planning route is not particularly easy. Finding the time and resource is hard in a busy working day. When you first try to implement planning you will see it as dragging you back and a hindrance, and when you are further down the line the opportunity feels past you. The day to day running of the business naturally is the first prerogative.

A forward thinking CEO realizes that to really succeed the mindset of strategic planning needs to be instilled in every facet of the business, especially when there is limited resources available. Our Strategic Management Consultants can step in and help.

Valuation Services

CDN Law Firm’s Valuation Services Division utilizes the “art and science” of valuation techniques, financial advice, and litigation services. They focus on one thing and one thing only, and that is valuation, that is all they do they are experts. By working in this manner it assists us to keep the highest possible level at all times, keep out technical and valuation standards to the highest limit, which is why many people come to us for independent advice.

We offer valuation, financial advisory and litigation support services for:

  • Businesses, Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Intellectual Property and Other Intangibles
  • Economic Loss/Damages
  • Closely-Held Equity, Debt and Derivative Securities
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Real Estate
  • Capital Cost Segregation
  • Fixed Asset Records

We also have an exemplary performance in negotiations relating to:

  • Financial Reporting/Regulatory Compliance to include goodwill and intangible asset impairment (SFAS 142/144), purchase price allocation (SFAS 141), in-process research and development, derivative valuations, in-kind contributions, non-competition covenants and rate setting.
  • Transaction and Financing Analysis to include fairness/related party opinions, collateral value and lease financing studies, solvency opinions, ESOP valuations, buy/sell agreements, pricing, pre/post-money valuations and financial advisory services.
  • Management Requirements to include options and restricted securities, intangible assets, economic value added, business interruption, business plans, corporate governance, financial restructuring, real option analysis, insurable value studies and strategic and market analysis.
  • Litigation Support and Dispute Resolution to include antitrust damages, breach of contract/warranty, bankruptcy/reorganization, defamation, dissenting shareholder rights, fraudulent conveyance, infringement, lender liability, lost profits, malpractice/negligence actions, marital dissolution and product liability.
  • Taxation to include built-in-gain, excessive accumulation of earnings, “S” conversions, executive compensation, purchase price allocation, transfer pricing, capital cost segregation and gift and estate planning.


CDN Law firm’s Valuation Division came from the union of two nationally recognized companies, which were:- New York Business Valuation Services and Delaware Valuation Counselors. The joining together brought one major player into the market that is top as the leading full valuation advisory firms that is involved in finance advice, asset valuation and also litigation support services.

The Valuation Division has a strong reputation for the comprehensive services it can provide in, real estate, finance and machinery, equipment. It has also more than a credible reputation for their professionalism and expertise in the market. We are one of the top leading evaluation companies in the country, and CDN Law Firm’s Valuation Division has been involved with contracts from some of America’s biggest corporations as well as middle-market entities. We give a credible choice for our investors and a real alternative to competition.


The Valuation Team carry out hundreds of assignment each year, their professionalism and skill is developed through the experience and insight they gain across different industries, including consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare, IT and telecoms, industrial products and real estate. This broad spectrum and our wide variety of professional backgrounds enable us to have the expertise to realize financial advice and take on valuation work for every business possible.

CDN Law Firm’s Valuation Division’s top team also regularly take legal testimonies on behalf of a wide range of businesses including: commerce, bankruptcy, and tax litigation concerns. Our team also are familiar with legal systems and court appearances, they have negotiated in Internal Revenue Service matters and worked in conjunction with accountants, lawyers, lenders and investment bankers. The team will intervene in all manner of arbitration matters, mediation and settlement negotiations.

Professional and Accredited

The CDN Law Firm’s Valuation Division is a mixture that is a unique blend of financial experts that are steeped in valuation practice, in fact a number of the team has
progressed from the “big 5”, the financial consultants from Wall Street. This flexible and cornucopia of skill sets is the impetus of the Division’s unfaltering success not just at boardroom level, but also in appropriate matters, the courtroom.

The Valuation Division strongly advise that all the team achieve recognized and professional accreditation. This helps to expand their knowledge and in turn their abilities for our clients. A number of the consultants at CDN Law Firm are part of the United States Society of Appraisers, which principle duties include the designation of accreditation’s based on the education and prior appraisal work.

Part of the team, either have completed or undergoing the hard road of achieving the title of Chartered Financial Analyst, which is a well-rounded curriculum. It bases its course on a worldwide body of analytical knowledge and investment. Also, the Team is made up of many hired members of the Appraisal Institute, who are the foremost in real estate appraisal. Many of the Valuation team are licensed Certified Public Accountants. In total, the wide experience, skill and knowledge of the team gives CDN Law Firm an enviable wealth of resource that take valuations as both “art and science.”

The Benefit

CDN Law Firm have an understanding that having a great team which is well educated and versed in its abilities is only part of bringing together a top project team that brings high-level analysis. A big part of this success also comes with the ability to understand and have empathy with all relevant party and be able to communicate effectively. This needs dedication to perfect skill so negotiations with everybody from board of directors, company management, regulatory authorities (SEC,IRS,OIG) equity investors, lenders, bondholders, corporate buyers and sellers, or in front of a judge and jury. Each client has individual needs and requirements, and we strive to understand them, our Valuation Division will give sufficient time and resource to help you achieve your objectives and goals and take extra pleasure when we surpass them.