CDN Law Firm Strategy

Strong Management Team

Having a strong management team behind you is crucial, or the funding may never happen. The market is full of examples with strong management teams winning the day over the less capable. We search for focused, receptive, and united teams of management which overcome adversity and succeed, no matter what the market throws up.

CDN Law Firm generalize with their business, we do not operate in any one particular market. We have had dealings across the board and have had business dealings in: IT, telecoms, media, cable, networking industries, and others. We use our our vast network of expert associates in these and other markets to quickly come up to speed on any industry, we learn how your industry goes to market, operating structures , risk profiles and what drives the business forward.

Unique Market Focus

This is defined by our in depth focus on the market that the firm is involved in. This gives us an understanding why your firm is differently viewed than others by the market, and how the market can be used to grow revenues for your company.

Company Size

Most of our work is for clients that have companies with an annual revenue between $2.5 million to $50 million.

Company Profitability

Clients that have been successful with us have met these criteria:-

  • Positive earnings for two of the last three trading years, or can prove a business plan to profit within one year of capital investment.
  • EBITDA between 7.5% and 15% of gross revenues.


Time in Business

Our normal clients have typically been trading for over two years.